Elrond Wiki - Elrond Tech 07/08/2022
  Elrond Tech 07/08/2022
Published by Olag | the 08/19/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

As blockchain crossed the chasm between early adoption, and mainstream use, it gradually became more obvious that its place would be to serve as the backbone for a new internet economy.
Elrond sits at the forefront of this remarkable revolution.

Significant changes to our API infrastructure that can now proactively refresh NFT media & metadata after processing. Extended connection support to light nodes for endpoints that do not need full history information.
A new tool that can generate a bulk of hierarchical deterministic keys from a mnemonic phrase is in development, together with an additional one that can automatically merge db level data from different sources.
We have expanded the documentation with guides on how to connect a dApp to WalletConnect & calculate the staking APR, along with a better structure for the main sections.
Github issue for feedback on what's missing or can be improved: https://github.com/ElrondNetwork/docs.elrond.com/issues/408

Other notable achievements:

- Started development for liquid staking as a Rust SC
- Finished development and testing for the farm with community rewards SC
- Refactor contract interactions on Metabonding service
- Improvements on NFT rarity service
- GraphQL custom complexity implementation in order to limit requested information size
- Continued working on a trie snapshot improvement in which if there are missing nodes during a snapshot, they will be synced from the network
- NFT marketplace testing
- Started DEX analytics migration to Data API
- Bugfix on Auto-router
- Fixed panic when saving into storage for transactions logs was disabled, but they were requested through API calls
- Elrond API testing
- Finished a trie storage manager refactor
- Investigated and fixed a situation in which if a snapshot took more than an entire epoch, the state would have been incomplete
- Prepare NFT service release
- erdnest unit testing
- Fixed the node-promises test after VM input refactor
- Finished tool that exports all tokens(with nonce) that are stored in the system account, but not in any other address
- Worked on goland nft service for rarity calculations
- Worked on TradingView integration with Data API
- Refactored constants for pools cleaners by moving them to config
- Finalized last round of integration and testing for enable epochs handler
- Update API & Metabonding dependencies
- Elrond oracles improvements, deployment scripts and devnet setup
- Updated the price aggregator smart contract to use a separate decimal value for each pair of tokens
- Minor fix for smart contract results generated for system vm calls
- Ledger Live testing & fixes
- Fixed backwards compatibility on epochStartData
- Finished signature handler component for consensus
- Worked on decoupling consensus package from other elrond-go packages reindexing transactions operations table in postgresql outport driver
- Freeze account interactor
- Started implementation of activation flags for feat/refactor-peers-miniblocks
- Progress in integrating Wasmer 2.2 into the Elrond VM
- Updates to the NFT related endpoints in erdjs so that they would provide access to the full objects returned by the API
- Continued working on the DEX v2 pair smart contract with admin-only endpoints
- Fixing asynchronous call integration tests
- Finalized implementation of feat/refactor-peers-miniblocks
- API label for real transaction receiver in case of NFT / MultiESDTNFTTransfers
- Started to integrate ESDTs in our Rosetta implementation
- Investigating and fixing newly appeared issues in our Rosetta implementation. New re-validation rounds
- System test scripts improvements
- Bugfixes in big numbers handling in erdjs

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