Elrond Wiki - Elrond Tech 23/07/2022
  Elrond Tech 23/07/2022
Published by Olag | the 07/31/2022  |  Category: Elrond Tech

Expanding digital realms will be created at the intersection of scalable blockchain technology and captivating Web3 culture.
NFTs, identity and ownership open a new and exciting exploration space.

We have released a new Elrond Explorer upgrade, which brings enhanced transparency and several key growth metrics about the ecosystem, such as market data for ESDT tokens, logs for specific failed SC calls, badge identifiers for full history nodes & locked accounts, and more.
The already proven smart contract-based Price Discovery mechanism was once again in the spotlight, managing 17M+ $CRT and 94K+ $EGLD in deposits, totaling $11M+ USD.
The result was a seamless process that ensured minimum volatility and maximum fairness to everyone involved.
The upcoming Elrond NFT marketplace components have undergone a series of enhancements, such as caching optimizations on the NFT service, multiple elastic updates and improvements on the rarity service. Implemented data loaders in order to facilitate batch retrieval.

Other notable achievements:
- Lending SC: new interest model proposed, created unit tests and system tests, several audits and reviews
- Created a tool that is able to export the storage under an address by providing a database and a root hash
- Documented and fixed several bugs found on our system tests carried on the internal testnets
- Worked on the fees collector contract, which will collect some of the fees from Pair swaps and redistribute them
- Added support for Jungle DEX tokens in Elrond API
- Working on a standard operation module in Rust framework used for endpoints that need multiple transactions to finish
- Working on a new testing github workflow for API
- Tested many Jungle DEX flows
- Maiar launchpad run, analysis & wrap-up
C++ SDK erdcpp:
* Finished CLI command to set network config
* Implemented script to automatically install dependencies, build solution and install SDK to be easily used in other projects
* Fixed linking & building scripts to be compatible with newer versions of gcc and cmake
- Several API caching improvements
- Fixed some persistent metrics on the node level that would have been reset when restarting the node
- System tests and fixes for pseudo slashing for invalid signers in consensus
- Support for full history nodes in API
- DEX admin endpoint fixes
- Added extra fields in the block structure that is returned by the node API
- Refactored trieStorageManager creation and added an extra implementation
- NFT service: admin endpoints, multiple elastic updates and caching improvements
- Improvements on NFT rarity service
- Added collections and nfts endpoints for GraphQL. Implemented data loaders in order to facilitate batch retrieval
- Fixed a bug that manifested by starting a new snapshot for the wrong rootHash after a node was restarted
- Made a fix for the erdpy testnet config command
- Elrond NFT marketplace testing
- Scripts for Launchpad contract state fetching
- Various consistency fixes and merges for built in functions with asynchronousCalls and callbacks- Maiar Launchpad winners selection optimization
- Improved community standards on elrond-go
- Research on stable coins and Sidechain & L2 solutions for private, customized, personalized dApps
- Integrated the refactored BLS multisigner into elrond-go- Crypto library updated to make BLS multisigner stateless
- Refactored elrond-go factory into subcomponents
- More fixes on node-promises
- System testing
- Prepared setup for the latest notifier-go changes to go with the next elrond-go release
- Fixes on the reindexer tool
- Debugging and upgrading asynchronous call tests
- Infrastructure monitoring, dashboards and alerting improvements
- Started development on a new deposit rewards functionality for the Farm SC- Fixes and tests on the Stablecoin SC
- Updated enable epochs feat branches to include the latest flags and fixes
- TradingView integration testing
- Data API bug fixing
- Worked on Postgres indexer integration in Elrond API
- Moved connectionWatcherType to prefs.toml
- Consensus wrapper component development for BLS signatures handling
- Relocated the Price Aggregator SC as a wasm core contract
- Bridge microservice reviews

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